By eliminating the orthodontist’s monthly visits and going directly to the patient,
we reduced most costs without sacrificing quality.
Our transparent dental appliances are more than 70% more affordable than  aligning
with traditional orthodontic systems.

Step 1

(Free Kit + 9.99 Shipping)

Impressions and Orthodontic Evaluation.

After sending your photos by e-mail to , as archive enclosed to  the AM I CANDIDATE TEST ? for a preliminary evaluation to  our transparent dental aligners, the next step  if you are accepted ,is to order your free dental impression kit . By ordering an impresion kit there is no commitment to buy aligners.If you are no canidate to get the aligner  treatment at home , do not worry , we will send you the contact of our Smile center closer to your home so that they take care of your treatment properly.


Step 2

 (€ 1399 in one payment)

The system of cosmetic aligners

After you have signed your treatment and made the first payment we will manufacture and ship your  aligners within 10 business days. Simply change the aligners according to your timming during your treatment period to achieve the expected results.


Step 3 (Free)

 Tooth Whitener for free and Aligner to maintain.

During your treatment, you can use   teeth whitener that will also make you smile.

To make sure your  smile is aligned, we ​​offer  retainers that are used at night to

continue aligning your teeth.

Start-up. Align. Smile

Take the free assessment to see if you are a candidate.

and get started on your journey.